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Archive Download

Select an older version of our software using the drop-down menu below. Each version is listed with its release date.

If you have an expired software license key, you will need to use a version of the software that was released before the key expiration date.


For Use With NI-DAQ

To use National Instruments Hardware with your Pinnacle recording set-up, you must first install a Sirenia suite that includes Sirenia Acquisition with Nidaq support. Please select one of the compatible versions listed in the drop-down menu below.

After successfully installing our software, you will need to install the compatible NI-DAQmx software version from the National Instruments website. A link is also provided below. Note that this is a large download.

Click here for detailed set-up instructions.


Sirenia® Software Download

To install, download the zip file using one of the download buttons below, extract the files, and run Setup.exe. We recommend uninstalling any previous version of Sirenia® prior to installing the new version. For more information, view the detailed instructions.

Version 2.2.14

Minimal Software Requirements

Windows 10/11
Intel I5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor
8GB Ram
1GB VRAM video card (onboard video not recommended)
1TB storage HDD (amount of storage required varies greatly with number of devices, length of recording, and data rate)

End-User License Agreement for Sirenia® Software

Software version information

See changes and updates made in each Sirenia ® version. To view the change log, click here.
To view a list of open source libraries used, click here.

Download archived or NI-DAQ compatible versions of Sirenia. We recommend you uninstall any previous version of Sirenia® prior to installing the archived version.


We no longer actively support NI-DAQ. If you are using Ni-DAQ, click here further instructions.

Receive updates

Receive an email when a new version of Sirenia ® software is released. Sign up for our software mailing list here. For product and conference notifications, sign up here.

Note for Apple computers

The Sirenia® software program is NOT supported for Apple computers. Our hardware and software testing is performed on PCs with Windows 10/11. To run our Sirenia on an Apple computer:

    •   Install a program that can run Windows applications. These include programs such as bootcamp or parallels.
        You will also need to obtain a Windows OS.

        This should allow you to run most features of our analysis software (Sleep, Seizure, XY). We do not recommend         using Macs to record experiments in Sirena Acquisition. However, a Mac can be used to view data, video, and to         access our XY tracking analysis program.

        During the installation process, you may receive an error that says "mscvr100.dll is not installed". That error can         occur if the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update is not
        installed. If this happens to you, click this link to install the package.

    •   Another option is to use Pinnacle’s Python API. For documentation and code, please go here.