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  FSCV 2.0.9

Pinnacle’s FSCV SOFTWARE supports traditional, short recording paradigms (recordings of two minutes or less) as well as longer-term recordings that use an extended continuous mode. Additional features of this software include background subtraction, preprogrammed and custom waveforms, heat maps, 3-D visualization, user-selectable filters, and animated voltammograms. Data can be exported in common spreadsheet formats. FSCV Software also supports integrated, synchronized video recording, which allows monitoring behavior simultaneously with electroactive neurotransmitter release.

    Features include:
  • •   Background subtraction
  • •   3-D visualization
  • •   User-selectable filters
  • •   Heat maps
  • •   Preprogrammed and custom waveforms
  • •   Import/export to third-party packages

FSCV Software supports integrated, synchronized video recording, which allows monitoring of animal behavior simultaneously with biogenic amine release.

FSCV sweep graphic

Preprogrammed and Custom Waveforms

The FSCV software offers preprogrammed waveforms associated with the commonly studied analytes: dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and adenosine. Custom waveforms can be easily uploaded as well, and stored in a drop-down menu for quick selection.

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